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YOGA with Cia!

Yoga can enhance your life, no matter what your age or fitness level! Many people are discovering the wonderful benefits of this ancient form of fitness. In Halifax, come and discover for yourself, how a more modern, YOGA with Cia! class may be just what you need!

Personal Yoga Training

Reach and maintain your fitness goals with a yoga-based workout program developed specifically for you... or a special session for your small group! Our Internationally Certified, Halifax based Personal Trainer, Cia Tweel, can offer you the guidance, expertise and motivation needed to greatly improve your personal fitness... and have a little bit of fun.

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What We Do

YOGA with Cia! provides yoga services and yoga classes in Halifax, to adults with all levels of experience, always maintaining a focus on "making yoga fun."

YOGA with Cia! is a division of Cia's Body Works.
Cia's Body Works provides a wide range of Personal Training, Fitness, Dance and Yoga services, as well as Fitness Warm-ups, Presenting and Consulting, to individuals & organizations sharing our goal of "making fitness fun."

Details, Locations and Rates:

Take a break from your busy day and find some balance!  Feel stronger, more focused and centered, at the same time feeling relaxed and more limber!  Yoga with Cia! is good for all ages and levels, from beginners to experienced Yogis!  Come enjoy our non-competitive and non-judgemental environment. This practice, incorporating the best elements from Vinyasa, Flow and Hatha Yoga, can improve your strength, flexibility and balance, while helping to de-stress and energize you.

YOGA with Cia! at St. Andrew's 6036 Coburg Road, Halifax.    Tuesdays at 12:15-1pm.     Remember, it's only $5 Drop-ins, for Skinny LunchTime-Tuesdays!    This 45 minute class is designed to help you burn a few extra calories and allow you to leave after only 30 minutes, if you wish. A weekly Hatha and Flow Yoga class to de-stress and energize your day. Come find your balance and have a few laughs with new friends. No previous experience neccessary, just a desire to have fun & re-energize!

YOGA with Cia! at St. Andrew's 6036 Coburg Road, Halifax.    Mondays at 5-6pm. Only $10 Drop-ins, or less, see Rates below. ***     A weekly, gentle Hatha and Flow Yoga class, for adults of all ages and skill levels, including beginners, designed to help to you relax, de-stress, stretch, strengthen and energize your body and mind.

YOGA with Cia! at St. Andrew's 6036 Coburg Road, Halifax.    Thursdays at 5-6pm. Only $10 Drop-ins, or less, see Rates below. ***     A weekly, gentle Hatha and Flow Yoga class, for adults of all ages and skill levels, including beginners, designed to help to you relax, de-stress, stretch, strengthen and energize your body and mind.

YOGA with Cia! at Dalhousie University's Sexton Campus. 1360 Barrington St. Halifax.   Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 1:05pm., as well as Wednesday at 5:00pm.    Register through Dalplex.  Excellent participant rates.  Dalhousie and King's University students FREE!

YOGA with Cia! at St. A's or in Nature, On-line at    Always available and replayable 24 / 7, for only $9, or less; see rates at     A single class, or weekly, gentle Hatha and Flow Yoga class, for adults of all ages and skill levels, including beginners, designed to help to you relax, de-stress, stretch, strengthen and energize your body and mind.

YOGA with Cia! at Your Place.  Personal Yoga Training for you, or your small group, in the comfort of your own location, with the convenience of your own start time!

*** RATES ***
Personalized Term - a YOGA with Cia! original.  Life can be stressful, your yoga class shouldn't be. Eliminate stressful, inflexible start dates, deadlines or term lengths with our personalized term. Your term starts when you want!  Register anytime through the year and enjoy excellent term rates, as low as $5 per class.

Term Rates:
Choose a 50 week term ($250), 25 week term ($150), or 12 week term ($84), of one class a week.   Purchase two terms and come twice weekly!

Casual Class Rates:
Can't commit to a term, or make it to class weekly? Then try our popular pre-paid, 10 class Pass Card ($80) and come whenever is convenient for you!

For the ultimate in flexibility, or just to try a class out, choose our Single class Drop-in / Trial rate, for $10 per class (only $9 if you choose contactless and pay by eTransfer).

YOGA with Cia! PassCards

YOGA with Cia! Single or 10 Pass Cards... a great gift idea!

Contact us below to pre-register, or buy a PassCard.

UPDATE - June 1st. 2022:

We currently offer seven separate, live, in-person, group class/times per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday noon-ish and Monday, Wednesday & Thursday early evening (please confirm the details above)... as well as our special private training option... in addition to 24/7 On-Line classes.
In the event of Vacations, Holidays, Pandemics or other issues, check here for class cancellations:

We have resumed In-person YOGA with Cia! classes at St. Andrew's... and on the Sexton Campus.
Contact us to save your spot in class... Please be prepared to follow current NS Health Guidlines. See you soon!

Our '24/7 On-line' video classes are available at fitCia. Please stay healthy and safe, then come to an In-person class when you are ready... or do both!

Please visit for our '24/7 Streaming' Yoga Classes, as well as Fitness Workouts!
In March 2020, we were all caught off guard when Halifax and the world shut down! Over the summer and fall we had a few fun YOGA with Cia! classes, outside, around Halifax; In Pt. Pleasant Park, the Public Gardens, and Victoria Park!   We also recorded sessions in the Great Outdoors of PEI & NS. In September 2020, we resumed limited classes and started recording classes at St. A's.
On November 25th., for a second time, Halifax was put on PAUSE! This time we were prepared and on November 26th. we launched our 'On-line Classes!' In January 2021, we resumed limited classes, again.
On April 23rd. 2021 we had to PAUSE in-person classes, a third time, for an 8 week 'circuit breaker.' On June 17th. we resumed classes at 50% capacity... and gradually built back to a new normal... until new concerns arose, at year's end!
After a 7 week break we resumed classes on February 8, 2022. Nama-stay calm and safe.
We now have quite a good selection of Yoga at St. A's, Nature Yoga and Nature Fitness workouts, that you will find familiar and feel comfortable with, especially if you have taken Cia's in-person classes.
This scenic content is available for people that want to stay safe, physically distant and wish to "Stay The Blazes Home!" Visit us at fitCia to practice with some of our yoga or fitness videos.

Please take a moment to enjoy "AWeeBitA" YOGA with Cia!   Click the pics to see them below! Or, go to fitCia for more entertainment.

Dalhousie University / Dalplex's, Sexton Fitness Schedule has been updated for the Summer of 2022, with Cia teaching four weekly Yoga classes, at 1pm. and 5pm. Please see class details, above.

Dalhousie University, University of King's College, Saint Mary's University, NSCAD University, Mount Saint Vincent University and Yoga With Cia! students and alumni welcome.

Contact us below with questions.

Enjoy AWeeBitA YOGA with Cia!

YOGA with Cia Finger Breathing

Can Fingers Breathe?

YOGA with Cia Finger My Warrior Flow

Release Your Warrior!

YOGA with Cia  My Back Flow

Relax Your Back!

Yoga with Cia Allisons Why

Why YOGA with Cia!

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 POP-UP YOGA with Cia!

Come have some fun with a POP-UP YOGA with Cia! class.

A Fun and Free opportunity for you to try out a bit of YOGA with Cia! Come try something new, or add some yoga variety to your routine. POP-UP classes are non-regularly scheduled and offer random times and locations; you don’t know when, you don’t know where, until a few days before... yet change and variety can be exciting!
Thanks for joining us In-Real-Life at: The 2022 RELAY For LIFE in Lower Sackville, June 11th... and the 2022 Metro Universities RELAY For LIFE at Dalhousie Univ., March 26 (and virtually in 2021)...
As well as some of our pre-covid events; The 2019 Halifax CIBC RUN for the CURE on Oct. 6 for a POP-UP YOGA with Cia! session following the Run, which started with a Fun Fitness Warm-Up with Cia... the TERRY FOX RUN in Pt. Pleasant Park September 21/2019... the RELAY For LIFE in Dartmouth, June 15/2019... the Metro Universities RELAY For LIFE at Dalplex, March 30/2019... the Terry Fox Run, September 16/2018 at Pt. Pleasant Park, Halifax... the RELAY for LIFE, June 16/2018 in Dartmouth... the 2017 Halifax TERRY FOX RUN... the Bedford RELAY FOR LIFE... as well as the Dalhousie University RELAY FOR LIFE... and the 2016 Halifax CIBC Run For The Cure.
Cia provided energetic and Fun Fitness Warm-Ups to get started, then a re-energizing and Fun, POP-UP YOGA with Cia! session to cool people down, afterwards.
Our next POP-UP class will be at the: Wim of Nature! It will be Standing YOGA with Cia! so it is easy to follow... no mat, no money, no previous experience needed. You just need a desire to have fun. Feel free to ‘share’ that you are going to a POP-UP YOGA with Cia! class; the more the merrier.
Check back for details of our next POP-UP YOGA with Cia! or contact us and we’ll let you know!
See you soon at a POP-UP YOGA with Cia! class near you... maybe somewhere on PEI!

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